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What to see and do in Singburi, Thailand

Thailand is one of the most spiritual nation in Southeast Asia, with a heavy percentage of the population believing in Buddhism. Every 10km you could see a temple, big and small, busy and calm, plain and fancy. Of all the buddha sculptures in Buddhism, one of the most famous is the reclining buddha. The reclining Buddha represents the Buddha during his last illness about to enter the parinirvana.

One of the most famous sculptures of this kind is in the Wat Pho Temple, which roughly translates to the temple of the reclining Buddha, located in the heart of Bangkok. The Wat Pho Temple is one of the most visited temples by foreign tourists in Thailand. However, the most spiritual and most commonly visited reclining Buddha by the locals are at the Wat Phra Non-Chaksri Temple located right at the Singburi province.

It was rumored to be so spiritual that even the kings of Thailand come to visit. It is a royal temple of the third class and is believed to predate the Ayutthaya Kingdom. This beautiful Sukhothai-styled Buddha image is almost 50 meters long and faces the north. The other two Buddha images are Phra Kan, a gilded stone image, and Phra Kaeo, a seated image in the diamond throne posture. The two sacred images have beautiful features. They were built during the reign of King Rama V to be used as the principal images at the oath of allegiance ceremonies for civil servants.

If you are visiting or passing through Singburi, this is a must-see at the province, it is wonderfully built where you could fell peace within your soul, mind, and body. If you are the kind of traveler who loves to immerse in the local way of life and culture, this is a perfect place for you to witness the rural life of Thailand and their practice of religion. It does not cost money to enter unlike the Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok, however, a donation to the temple is usually a sign of respect and smiled upon.

Apart from the temple, the markets in Singburi are also an incredible experience to visit. If you’re there at a weekday don’t miss out on the chance to shop at a local market. The markets there are extremely busy, with vendors selling things from fruits to spices, meat to seafood, clothes to toys, and even street food like pad thai and fried rice. Not only are there abundant variations of fruits and spices in the markets, but the price is also incredibly affordable. For example, mangosteens, which are rarely sold outside of Thailand or else is very expensive, is sold extremely cheap here, with 50baht buying you 2kg worths of mangosteens.

There are also 30baht watermelons, durian, lychee and more. You could also try local street food here with a bargained price and authentic taste. A trip to Singburi’s market is a unique experience unlike any other.

If you are willing to stay longer in Singburi, try contacting Thailand teach, a wonderful volunteering organization based in Singburi with lovely hosts. You would be teaching kids in local Singburi temple schools where they have scarce resources to English materials. For more information on Thailand teach read my experience here.

Wat Phra Non-Chaksri

Address: 60 Ban Phra Non-Mu 2 Sai 2 Rd, Chak Si, Mueang Sing Buri District, Sing Buri 16000, Thailand

Tel:+663652 0251

Service hours: 06:00-17:00 (Everyday)

Yingrouy Market (One of the market I’ve been to)

Address: Phochonkai, Bang Rachan District, Sing Buri 16130, Thailand / ตำบล โพชนไก่ อำเภอ บางระจัน สิงห์บุรี 16130

Facebook page (In Thai):

Service days and hours: I don’t really remeber but I believe its Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays.

Thailand teach

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