• Dylan Wu

Old Phuket Town and RAYA - What to expect

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Old Phuket town is a colorful part of town in Phuket, filled with cafes, restaurants, and little shops. The buildings are all colored brightly, with red, pink, yellow, blue and green scattered all around the town, making this one of the most photogenic locations in Phuket.

Tourists taking pictures of this photogenic soi in the old town

The shops in the town sell both local food and souvenirs and also more modern and imaginative creations. Although most of the shops in the town are hosted by locals, some are hosted by foreigners, such as this dessert shop called the tent.

The host of this dessert shop is from Egypt and is extremely friendly. We walked by on their closing day and got caught up by the special design of the shop using tents and mats. After he saw us looking through the window trying to take a better look, he invited us in and let us take pictures of his shop. The hospitality is just amazing. If you happen to be around Old Phuket town and want a special dessert experience, go and try the tent.

The Old Phuket town is a must go in Phuket, as it has both the historical attractions and innovative shops. There is even a Michelin recommended restaurant in the town called Raya which is in a hundred-year-old building and creates amazing food. The best time to visit Old Phuket town is early in the morning or afternoon when it has lost its heat.

Raya is a Thai restaurant set in the Old Phuket town, in a renovated Sino-Thai mansion originally built at the beginning of the 20th century. The scenery is worth visiting by itself, but with the complement of an fantastic meal, it brings the whole experience up to a new level.

After a stroll through Old Phuket town, we entered Raya for lunch. And soon, at around 12:30, the restaurant is filled with locals and tourists alike.

Raya has an excellent cook, and with the special scenary and friendly staffs, it adds up to a amazing one of a kind culinary experience. If you visit Old Phuket, you have to try and eat at Raya.

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