• Dylan Wu

Central Phuket Floresta Review

Just recently, on September 10th, 2018, Central Phuket Floresta held its grand opening, bringing a whole new shopping experience to tourists and locals in Phuket. Upon hearing this news, I decided that I ought to pay the mall a visit.

Traditional music playing at the front entrance

We spent around three hours in the mall and only got to explore the first floor. That says a lot by itself (Both wings of the mall, Festival, and Floresta, are connected together).

One of the more unique aspects of the mall is their food hall and food court section. This whole section is decorated to look traditionally Thai, they even made the effort to create a river and water-market in the middle, with boats on the river selling traditional snacks and desserts called “Tales of Thailand”. The food court called “Tastes of Thailand” is clearly also made up of purely Thai food stalls, where you could find some local Thai dishes you couldn’t elsewhere, especially dishes native to Phuket or even Koh Samui.

Thai tea made traditionally

Something that caught my eye during my walk through the food court was Kuay Jub, Thai street food that contained noodles roll, pork livers, pork blood, pork kidney, boiled eggs, and fried pork. There was a line forming in front of the stall and realizing it was all locals that were ordering, I decided to eat one (The mall is mostly filled with locals).

The Kuay Jub was one of the kind and is definitely worth a try. However, if you don’t like intestines, then this is probably not your cup of tea. Nevertheless, the fried pork is also delicious, crispy on the outside and well seasoned on the inside.

At the front of the food court, there is also a stall in which traditional Thai dessert is made on spot (I believe the dessert being made is changed from day to day). That particular day, they were making thong yod, a dessert made by egg yolk, flour and sugar, one of the nine auspicious Thai desserts.

Around the "river" are stalls that sell traditional thai snacks that could rarely be found. Such as this dessert specifically from the Koh Samui region of Thailand called Kalamae, a sticky candy made from rice flour, palm sugar, and coconut cream. The three flavours they have are original, durian and Pandan.

The theming here is theme park level, it immerses you in an authentic, local, traditional experience. Although I haven’t had the chance to visit the other floors, which are themed to nature, I undoubtedly believe it would be just as mind-blowing as the ground floor.

There is a theme park experience called Tribhum waiting to be opened on the ground floor of this mall, delayed by previous fire damage. It would be a walk-through attraction revolving around southeast Asian folklores, with four different worlds. There is also an aquarium on the basement level of the mall, with 25,000 sea creatures to be opened.

Central Phuket Contact Info:


Address: 74 75 Chalermprakiat Ratchakan Thi 9 Road, Tambon Wichit, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000

Open time periods: 10:30AM to 10PM