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Andara Resort and Villas | A hidden gem

Located near the Kamala Beach stands Andara Resort and Villas. For the purpose of this trip, we booked for a suite, but we were surprisingly upgraded to a villa. The lobby, gym, public pool, restaurant, etc. are all located in the lower half of the hill. After checking in, a buggy car came and took us(accompanied by our butler) to our villa at a higher elevation (not too far, a half to one-minute drive uphill)

Where we checked in

Upon entering the villa, we were greeted by an amazing view of Kamala Beach and the nearby town. We were then given lemongrass scented cold towels and cups of ice water.

The view from the entrance

The villa consists of six bedrooms and two living rooms, a kitchen, and an infinity pool area. It also comes with two maids, a butler, and a cook. Beside the pool is a small pavilion, with an extended portion out above the pool, where we could relax and let the fascinating sight sink in. The infinity pool was perfect as it stretches out of the villa, overseeing the Beach and mountains up ahead. The view from any room in the villa is amazing, even the bathrooms.

On the first day, we went to the resort’s restaurant – Silk, for dinner. And as advertised, the food there was delicious.

The Goong Saroong, one of their signature dishes, is a must try experience, as it isn’t as commonly served in Bangkok. It is deep-fried prawns wrapped in deep-fried Phuket noodles served with mango and chili sauce. The noodles would definitely create a mess on your table, but for the full Goong Saroong experience, it is worth it.

Goong Saroong

Another of their signature is the Gaeng Kathi Neu Poo, a blue crab meat red curry served with rolls of rice vermicelli. The curry is very well flavored with chunks and chunks of sweet crab meat inside. Mixing the curry with the rice vermicelli just brings it to a next level, the spiciness, and flavors of the crab and curry combine perfectly with the rice vermicelli making it even more mouth-watering and enjoyable then by itself.

Gaeng Kathi Neu Poo (Photo from SILK website)

Thai fsh in banana leaf

Thai Lard Salad

As for dinner on the second day, we asked for a private chef to cook for us. The dishes we want were given to them at the previous night, and there are practically no limits as to what you could order, as long as they could find the ingredients. For us, we ordered way more than needed, eleven dishes for nine people (all 11 dishes were cooked in the size for nine people).

The chefs(there were two chefs) started preparing ingredients at the start of the day and began to really cook at around five thirty when we told them we are ready for dinner. The chefs’ cooking speed with mind-blowing, within twenty minutes, our empty table is filled with eleven nine-portion dishes. The dishes were all well seasoned and presented, it is just like a home-cooked meal. The chefs were friendly and kind, they even invited us to observe the cooking process.

There is also a main pool in front of the bar, since we had a private pool, we did not swim there.

All in all the two-night stay at the Andara resort and villas was memorable, the views, the staff, the food, and the facilities all add up to a promising stay at western Phuket. If you want to escape the crowd of tourists in Patong beach, have a go at Andara. It is close to Patong but doesn’t have the same amount of crowd level, more relaxed and peaceful. And whenever you get bored simply swimming, relaxing and eating in the resort, you could call a buggy to bring you to downtown Kamala, where there are numerous restaurants with a seaside view.

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Address: 15 Moo 6, Kamala Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand

Phone Number: +66 76 338 777

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Phone Number: +66 76 338777 ext 6880

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