lí hó! I'm Dylan wu

I live in New Taipei, Taiwan. I started traveling at a young age with my parents to various exotic destinations.


I believe travel gives us new understandings and perspectives of the world, that otherwise, we could not grasp. 


Through traveling, I've widened my views, observed many jaw-dropping sights, and tasted many heavenly cuisines.​

What does sgdym mean?

SGDYM is short for Se Gai De Yee Mia and Se Gai De Yee Mia means the best in the world in Taiwanese, a dialect of Chinese native to Taiwan.


Traveling around the world, I devoted myself to find the best food, scenery, destination, and leisure. After 2 years of short trips, I found out that there is no true “best” as every country has its own unique culture, different experience, not comparable.


sgdym-dw.com is dedicated to sharing my experience finding the “greats” of every country and creating simple guides and itineraries of countries I’ve been to. Reminding myself of the fascinating trips and hopefully making your life easier.

Where am I?

As I said, I currently live in New Taipei City, Taiwan. However, I constantly travel around Asia. Most commonly, I travel to destinations in Japan and Thailand, while occasionally to Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, or farther countries such as the US and France.

I will try to keep uploading everything I've witnessed, however, due to school pressure, I wouldn't be able to upload everything as fast as I want. 

All the articles on this website are my true and authentic experiences, of the world out there, and accounts of the of-beaten-track attractions I've been to.

What is special about this blog?

In this blog, I write content that merges the common Taiwan blogger style with informative writing and American journalistic features.


This website is designed and shaped more westernized on the outside but all my blogs are structured in a more Taiwanese way, with more information and photographs than stories.